Kids’ Event Rentals

Kids' Event Rentals

Bouncy Castles

Inflatable bounce houses are every kid’s dream of ultimate fun. They are modeled across different themes including castles, police cars, monster wheels, circus carousels and more to accommodate our clients’ preferences. We also provide bounce houses in different sizes for all ages of children. These come with a fully-serviced air pump and generator.

Water Slides

Any game with water as its main feature is an instant hit with kids. To interact with their playful nature, we have all kinds of water slides for children from shy swimmers to full-energy kids, including tree slides and tractor slides. These come with a fully-equipped water pump, air pump and generator.

Ball Games

All generations love to get the ball into the ring or hit the target. We also provide games of skill and speed to audiences of all ages since these will always be fun. These games include adult and mini-basketball, soccer, water polo and more.

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