We have a variety of chairs and tables so you have the freedom to choose depending on your liking and the type of event you want to have.


Round Table
Used typically at anniversary parties, weddings, fundraisers, dinners, and similar other formal gatherings, round tables allow a large group to sit close together.

Rectangle Table
Generally used for more casual events such as family reunions, birthday parties, sports banquets, and picnics, rectangular tables are also used for displaying the buffet. The arrangement of the tables depends upon the space available and the nature of the event.

Cocktail Table
Available in many different sizes and heights, cocktail tables are perfect to set up around the bar or dance floor. Depending on the purpose, cocktail tables are available in different shapes and sizes.


Banquet Chair
These are seating options ideal for events that last a few hours such as meetings and banquets. Since they are lightweight, they are easy to stack for storage and are convenient to set up anywhere. They are not designed for continuous seating over several hours.

Chiavari Chair
Chiavari chairs are unique chairs that are easily recognised by bamboo-like joints long the frame. They are lightweight, but also give an iconic look of elegance, class, and sophistication.

More Elegant Chairs
We also provide oval back chairs, folding chairs, ghost chairs and more at our store.

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