We offer a variety of tents depending on your style and the type of events you want to hold.

Large Capacity Tents

A-frame tent
Ideal for providing tent cover for events that will hold very large groups of people. These tents are suitable for hosting public gatherings, weddings, and corporate events.

Stretch tent
Made from an extremely strong, totally waterproof and amazingly stretchy material. These freestyle structures are architecturally stunning and flexible enough to fit any area, to any size, cover uneven ground, become part of a building and can be configured in countless ways.

Medium Capacity Tents

B-Line tent
A stable modern tent with inbuilt décor curtains and ceilings. Its well-designed roof does not hold water during rainy weather. Its sides are firmly attached to the aluminium firm stands and hence wind can’t affect your occasion/event.

More medium capacity tents
We also supply pergola tents, dome tents, a-plant tents and cheese tents to events with a medium size audience.

Intimate Tents

Hexagonal tent
Ideal for small to medium-sized groups that want an intimate setting. The hexagon can also be utilized as an accessory tent to house the food and beverage portion of the event, the entertainment for the event, or any creative elements that you would like to implement.

Pagoda tent
Its unique classic peak appearance and the advantages of easy disassembly, colorful pagoda tents at home and abroad are very popular. Its compact shape is loved by everyone. Pagoda tents are very weather-resistant, which is the best solution for outdoor events and parties.

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